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A photo of me!

My name is Jordan Turner and I’m a vet from England. I’ve been working with cats and dogs in practice for about 6 years. I met my wife Emma at university, she is also a vet and we have been working together since we qualified.

Here’s a photo of us doing surgery on a cat in our very first job soon after we qualified. We (and the profession) have come along way since then!

Emma and I doing surgery on a cat

A large part of my job is educating people on how to make the right choices for their pet. When I qualified from university and joined the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, I took an oath that “my constant endeavour will be to ensure the health and welfare of animals”. I have realised now that I can only do so much by only applying this to animals I directly treat.

Our Constant Endeavour Is To Ensure The Health And Welfare Of Animals.

At work, Emma and I both see people every day who want to do the best thing for their pet and have researched things online. As I’m sure you’re aware, there is a LOT of misinformation online. Unfortunately, we often we see pets who’s welfare has suffered because of bogus advice online. As time has gone by we have found ourselves spending more and more time trying to counter this misinformation.

Emma and I both passionately want to help pets to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. It is for this reason we decided to create our own resource for pet owners to find trusted advice to help them make the best choices for their pets.

Our mission with this site is to help pet owners make the best possible choices for their pets.

How do we create content?

Every post on this site is planned and edited by Emma and myself. We occasionally use freelance writers to put articles together from our plan, but nothing goes on the site without us checking and editing it. You can trust that anything that appears on this site is veterinary approved.

Between us, Emma and I have extensive experience within the veterinary and pet industries and we continue to work full-time as vets. We are both committed to continuing professional development and lifelong learning. 

Wherever possible we assess products first hand, but where this is not possible we rely on extensive online feedback from real customers. We use this with our experience and knowledge to help us to assess the suitability of products which may be of interest to pet owners.

Emma and I have two cats and a dog ourselves, we only recommend products we would be happy to give to our own pets. All our reviews are completely impartial and unbiased. We never accept free products or sponsorship. We always put pets first.


There is lots of evidence that pet ownership brings huge benefits. However, there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with having a pet. Not only do you have to consider the health and welfare of your pet, but also of other animals and the planet.

Sustainable pet ownership is a key part of our ethos. Emma and I want to help improve animal welfare. This includes pets, farm animals and wild animals. We aim to do this by helping you make choices that reduce damage to the environment, carbon dioxide emissions and suffering in farmed animals.

All of our food reviews include a rating on the sustainability of the food that you can take into account when choosing a diet for your pet.

Why should you read this site?

The main reason to check out this site is if you want to give your pets the happiest and healthiest life.

You will enjoy the content on this site if:

  • You spend some time researching how to care for your pets
  • You want trusted information that’s based on evidence and veterinary advice
  • You want real advice, not sales pages.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, check out our guides and reviews.

Jordan Turner