Best battery operated cat water fountain

Best Battery Operated Cat Water Fountain

Water fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water. Encouraging increased water intake is particularly good for cats with kidney or bladder problems. Cats who only eat kibble also benefit from water fountains.

It can be very difficult to find a fountain that is battery operated. Unfortunately there a lot of sites that review the “best battery operated cat water fountain” are dishonest.

I’ve spent hours looking for battery operated fountains, and there aren’t many! There is only one “true” battery operated fountain, but I’ve found 4 others that can work without mains access.

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What is the best battery operated cat water fountain?

Best overall – All Fur You Infrared Sensor Auto On/Off Automatic Pet Water Fountain


  • Internal rechargeable battery – truly battery powered!
  • Auto on/off saves battery
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Triple filtration system


  • Makes a noise when turns on – may startle sensitive cats
  • Needs 12” space on 3 sides to function
  • No water level indicator
  • Sensors can be hit-and-miss

This is the only truly battery operated fountain I could find in hours of searching! It has an internal battery which can be charged from USB sockets.

The triple filter in this fountain removes any food or hair that falls in, chemicals or flavours and also ions.

This fountain has an on/off system using sensors which detect when a pet comes for a drink. This helps to save battery power and reduce frequency of charging.

The auto on/off system does have some downsides. The fountain needs to be placed 12” from a wall on 3 sides. There are some reports from customers that the fountain makes a noise as the water turns on. Some customers report that the sensors don’t always come on too. However, the fountain can be set to run constantly if the sensors don’t work for you.

With a capacity of 1.5 litres it holds more than enough water for cats, but is less suitable for a house with a dog as well.

Overall, if you need a water fountain with no cables required, this is the best one. If you’re more flexible, read on for some alternatives that are worth considering.

Runner-up – PETKIT Cat Water Fountain


  • Sleek design
  • AAA battery compatible – 7 day battery life
  • Stainless steel bowl and filter tray
  • Easy to clean
  • USB compatible
  • Triple filtration


  • Batteries are designed as a “back-up” rather than for everyday use

This sleek fountain may not have a rechargeable battery built in, but it can be used cable-free. It is AAA battery compatible, and this battery power lasts for around 7 days.

Made from high quality materials to a high standard, this fountain is built to last. A stainless steel bowl and filter tray avoid your cat drinking from plastic (a common allergen). It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

The new and updated version of this fountain is an improvement on its predecessors. It is now very quiet in operation and easier to clean.

When plugged in, the product is USB powered. It does not include a USB to plug adaptor, so if you wish to use a socket you will need to buy one separately. The USB power does mean you can use a USB power bank like this one as an alternative.

While primarily designed to be plugged in, if you pair this with rechargeable batteries, you can use it without a plug socket.

Best budget option – Beacon Pet Water Fountain


  • Great value
  • Multiple flow designs
  • Large capacity
  • 360o drinking angle – good for multiple pets


  • Not truly battery powered
  • Only one filter included
  • Not as easy to clean as others
  • Plastic construction

This is a great value fountain which cats seem to really like! With 3 different flow designs, you can personalise this fountain to exactly what your cat wants.

This fountain is ideal for multi-cat households. With a capacity of 2.4l even the thirstiest cats will have plenty of water available. This fountain also has a 360o design allowing multiple cats to use it at the same time.

This fountain is primarily made from plastic, which is to be expected at this price point. It does detract from the quality, but BPA free plastic is safe for cats.

This fountain is not truly battery powered. However, it is powered by a USB cable. You can attach this cable to a USB battery pack like this one. This avoids the need for a power socket.

Best high capacity fountain – iPettie Kamino Water Fountain


  • Very large water capacity
  • Ultra quiet pump
  • Simple water level window
  • Customers widely report their cats like this fountain


  • Not truly battery powered
  • Plastic construction
  • Some reports of noisy pumps
  • No ion filter

This fountain has the highest capacity of any fountain in this list. At 3l this fountain holds enough water for a multiple cat household for up to two weeks. If you also have a dog who might use a water fountain, this one is ideal.

A double filtration system is used in this fountain to trap any nasties that get into the water. This helps keep things fresh and clean.

The pump in this fountain is ultra quiet in normal use. Some customers report that it can become noisy with time. This is because it can move out of alignment when the fountain is taken apart for cleaning. So long as the pup is in line with the outlet you shouldn’t hear it working.

This fountain is not truly battery powered. However, it is powered by a USB cable. You can attach this cable to a USB battery pack like this one. This avoids the need for a power socket.

Best alternative to a faucet – Pioneer Pet Swan Drinking Fountain


  • Dishwasher safe
  • “Swan” design mimics water pouring from a faucet
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Good for large cats


  • Not truly battery powered
  • Plastic construction
  • Noisier than competitors
  • Flow style is not adjustable
  • Single filter – no ion filter or particulate trap

The stream from this fountain mimics the water pouring from a faucet. This makes it the ideal choice for cats who like to drink out of faucets. The water flow rate can also be adjusted to suit exactly how your cat likes it.

Unlike most other water fountains, this one is dishwasher safe which really helps to keep it as clean as possible. It does only have a single filter however. It lacks the ion filter and particulate trap. Some customers report specks of activated carbon getting into the water to start with. This does stop with time, but is a shortcoming of the design.

This fountain is also made entirely from plastic. We would prefer a metal drinking area, but the plastic is food-grade so shouldn’t harm your kitty.

This fountain is not truly battery powered. However, it is powered by a USB cable. You can attach this cable to a USB battery pack like this one. This avoids the need for a power socket.

Why should I get a water fountain?

Cat drinking 3

Cats prefer to drink from moving water. The water’s motion helps boost oxygenation and makes it tastier.  Cats also have a much more sensitive sense of smell than we do so chlorinated water tastes nasty. Water fountains have built-in filters to remove chlorine and other contaminants.

But why does this matter?

Kidney and urinary diseases.

Cats are prone to kidney and urinary problems. Insufficient water intake is thought to be linked to the development of both. Increasing water intake is certainly important for the treatment of either of these problems.

Cats that eat kibble are at particular risk from not drinking enough water. Canned foods contain lots of water naturally, but kibble is very dry. If your cat eats kibble it is really important to encourage them to drink as much water as possible.

A fountain is the easiest way to encourage cats to drink more. The water is tasty, and the noise it makes is enticing to cats!

Cat water fountain buyer’s guide

There are a number of factors that ought to be kept in mind when choosing the best drinking fountain.

There are the obvious factors of build quality, cost and design. You also need to consider what material it is made from. If you’re looking for a battery powered fountain you might have to be a bit creative!

What material?

The most important part of the fountain is the part which your cat comes into contact with. The bowl and the water reservoir specifically.

Steel or ceramic are considered the gold standard. They are durable, easy to clean and do not flavour the water.

Plastic can be an allergen for some cats, and can be related to development of acne. It is very important that plastic fountains are BPA free. BPA is a chemical which can leach into the water and cause health problems.

Cat drinking

“Battery powered” fountains

There are very few battery operated water fountains on the market. I’ve looked! There is only one with a built in battery, and one which takes AAA batteries.

The alternative is to use a fountain which is powered by a USB cable. These cables can be attached to separate battery packs. The best fountains use very little power, so a decent USB battery pack should power them for a week or so.

How to keep fountains clean

Fountains need cleaning in order to prevent them clogging up, or worse, bacteria and other nasties growing in the water.

You will need to take apart the fountain and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually means washing with soap and water. The best fountains are easy to disassemble and clean. Some are even dishwasher safe.

You’ll need to clean the fountain once a week at least, but if you’ve got multiple cats (or a dog!) you’ll need to clean it every few days.

How to get your cat to use the fountain

It can take a while for cats to get used to the idea of using a water fountain. Scaredy cats might need a while to get used to it.

Most cats will take to a fountain quite quickly. If your cat already likes drinking from the faucet then it shouldn’t take much time at all!

Cat drinking

There are a few things you can do to help them get the idea faster.

Introduce them gradually

Take things nice and slow to avoid frightening your cat. If the fountain scares them, it’ll take much longer for them to start using it.

First of all, leave the fountain full of water, but keep it turned off. This will allow your cat to get used to the idea of using it for water.

Once your cat is using the fountain normally, wait until your cat is busy elsewhere and turn the fountain on. This way they can approach it in their own time. Try putting treats near the fountain, or play with your cat near it. This will make them realise the fountain is a good thing.

When your cat does drink from the fountain reward them with a tasty treat. This will help encourage them to use it even more.

After a short while your cat will be using the fountain like a pro!

Put it in the right place

Make sure you put the fountain separate to the litter box and their food. Cats like to have everything apart from each other. Also make sure you put the fountain somewhere accessible, we want it to be as easy as possible for your cat to get a drink!

Make sure there is other water available

To start with, make sure you don’t take your cats’ other water bowls away. It might take them a while to get used to the fountain. What we don’t want to do is reduce the amount your cat drinks. This would defeat the object!

Cat drinking

Final thoughts

Cat water fountains are a great way to encourage your cat to drink more. This should help reduce the chance they will get diseases. If they do get kidney or bladder trouble, a fountain can help keep it under control.

It’s very hard to find a battery operated cat water fountain. If you want a truly battery powered fountain look no further than the All Fur You Infrared Sensor Auto On/Off Automatic Pet Water Fountain.

If you don’t mind making your own solution, try the Beacon Pet Water Fountain with a USB battery pack like this one

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