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Nulo Cat food reviews 2019 – vet approved?

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Quick analysis

Nulo’s foods are great quality cat food which we rate highly. They surpass our nutrient analysis criteria. We have only minor quibbles with some ingredients. Nulo foods are great value.

Cat owners generally report that their cats like the taste of Nulo foods.

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Dry foods

  • Food quality 4/5
  • Sustainability 3/5
  • Approximate calories 370kcal/100g
  • Price $$$

Wet foods

  • Food quality 4/5
  • Sustainability 3/5
  • Approximate calories 124kcal/100g
  • Price $$$

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See this post for our full advice on how to decide which food is right for your cat.

Read on for our full Nulo cat food reviews.

Things to consider before buying cat food

Choosing a cat food can be a difficult process. There are lots of brands, flavours and forms. Manufacturers use opaque words to describe the ingredients, and what do cats actually want from a food anyway?

“You are what you eat” is just as true for cats as for people. Choosing the right food will help keep your cat happy and healthy without hurting the environment or your wallet!

At YourPetProfessional we use a unique algorithm to assess foods based on their suitability. Our algorithm rates how well they meet cats’ nutritional requirements, the quality of the ingredients and palatability. We also rate products on price and sustainability.

The ideal food should be high in protein, have a moderate level of fat and low carbohydrates. Most of the protein should come from animal sources. It should be free of artificial preservatives and low in ingredients which could potentially harm your cat. There should be no “filler” ingredients.

When we discuss the cost of a food we take into account both the price and how calorie dense it is. This way you can get an idea of a food’s cost-per-day allowing you to compare apples with apples.

Sustainability is a rough measure of the food’s impact on the environment. Sustainable foods complement the human food chain rather than competing with it. They include high-quality, nutritious ingredients that cats love, but simply don’t fit with modern appetites. Sustainable foods use low-impact sources of animal protein.

Our recommendations will suit the vast majority of cats, but if your cat doesn’t seem to be doing well on a particular food you should always seek veterinary advice. If your cat has a specific health problem consult our guides and your veterinarian for advice.

Nulo Cat Food Review

Nulo combines the words “new” and “love” to form their company name. They aim to produce high protein, grain free recipes that your cat will love. Their recipes are designed to contain more of the ingredients your cat would eat in the wild.

Nulo cat foods are made in the USA with no artificial ingredients.

Nulo cat foods contain protein from meat, meat/fish meal and plant protein. Meat/fish meal is a high quality, nutrient dense ingredient. These sources are healthy for cats, because most protein needs to come from meat.

Nulo Dry ProsNulo Dry Cons
Main 4 ingredients are animal sourcesCarbs could be lower
High protein – good for muscle healthSome questionable ingredients
Very few filler ingredientsRecipes contain fish
Energy dense – keeps your cat full from less food
Nulo Wet ProsNulo Wet Cons
Main 5 ingredients are animal sourcesRecipes contain fish
High proteinSome questionable ingredients
Low carbs

Nutritional analysis

Nutritional percentages in these charts are calculated from data in the manufacturer’s guaranteed analysis. The values in the charts may differ from actual values. Vales may vary slightly between flavours. Please contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

Nulo dry food nutrient analysis (dry matter)
Nulo wet food nutrient analysis (dry matter)


Protein is a key part of a cat’s diet and is required for all aspects of health. A protein level of 40% is needed to maintain muscle mass.

Nulo’s dry foods contain 44% protein, the wet foods are 50% by dry matter. This means that feeding either food will to help to ensure your cat maintains their muscular strength and activity level.


There is a lot of controversy about whether cats need carbohydrates and if carbohydrates should be in cat food. Cats can absorb small amounts of carbohydrates, but too much can cause an upset tummy.

Nulo’s dry foods contain a moderate amount of carbs. This level of carbs shouldn’t cause digestive upset, but probably isn’t going to give your cat much benefit. I’d prefer to see a higher level of healthy proteins and fats. Less carbs would allow you to feed less to get the same benefit.

Nulo’s wet foods contain low levels of carb, but about average for wet foods.

Ingredient analysis


Animal protein makes up the majority of the protein in these foods. Cats cannot produce taurine or arachidonic acid. These are two of the essential building blocks of protein which are only found in meat. The high proportion of animal protein in these foods will more than adequately provide these essential nutrients and keep your cats healthy.

Nulo foods have large amounts of high quality ingredients. Nulo dry food has animal sources of protein as the first 4 ingredients. Nulo wet food has animal sources of protein as the first 5 ingredients. This really stands out amongst cat foods as a sign of great quality.

Quality animal protein sources like those seen in this food are palatable to cats. This means your cat is likely to love the taste! A wide search of pet owner feedback online shows that Nulo foods have high owner ratings. A few reviewers noted that their cats didn’t like the flavour, but the majority of cats did.

These foods do not contain any “filler” ingredients. This means that you aren’t paying for ingredients that do not benefit your cat.


There are some number of questionable ingredients in Nulo’s foods. Cats don’t eat pumpkins or cranberries by nature!

Foods in the Nulo range contain fish. Feeding foods with fish could increase the risk of certain health conditions in your cat. We recommend avoiding, or feeding less of, products containing fish.

Nulo’s dry foods rate about average on our sustainability criteria. Meat by-product meal is completely absent from this food, see here for why food should contain by-products. The ingredients in these foods compete with the human food chain.

Also worth checking out

Taste of the Wild

Taste of The Wild is a brand that aims to create high quality and affordable cat food. The main ingredient is real meat of fish and they use unique proteins found in few other foods.

Taste of The Wild foods contain high quality ingredients, with few questionable ingredients. Taste of The Wild’s foods surpass our nutritional standards. 

Taste of the Wild’s dry food is particularly good value.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.


Crave is a brand that aims to create diets that meets cats’ nutrient requirements and instinctive drive to eat protein rich food. Meat is always the main ingredient. Crave makes good quality cat food which we rate highly. Crave foods surpass our nutrient analysis criteria. 

Crave foods stand out for flavour. Cats are widely reported to love the taste.

Crave foods are mid-range on price, though the wet foods are priced as slightly more premium than average.

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

Simply nourish

Simply Nourish is a brand that aims to create nourishing foods made from whole meat and vegetables. Simply Nourish foods contain high quality ingredients, with no questionable ingredients. Simply Nourish’s foods surpass our nutritional standards.

This is a high quality food at a mid-range price.

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Choosing the right cat food will keep your cat as healthy and happy as possible. Poor quality foods can cause many health problems and ultimately lead to high vet bills. A good food should also be tasty so your cat will eat and enjoy it.

Nulo’s foods are a great quality food for your cat. They are noted for having low carbohydrate and high protein levels. Nulo is committed to using high quality ingredients and it shows.

We highly recommend Nulo’s cat food. They are good value and high quality foods that the majority of cats enjoy eating.

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