SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder Review – Simply the best!

SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder Review – Simply the best!

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I used to have one fat cat and one skinny cat. I couldn’t control which cat ate which food. My fat cat would bully the skinny one and eat all of her food too. I tried feeding them separately, but little Lily could never eat fast enough.

Then I bought a Surefeed Microchip Cat Feeder, and the problem was fixed! It only took a little bit of setting up, and now I wouldn’t look back.

Do I need a microchip cat feeder?

Some cats need to eat different diets (food intolerances or health problems). Others need to eat different amounts to each other. Some cats graze and others gorge. The list goes on, but it boils down to “how do I get my cat to eat their own food, and not everyone else’s?”

If you own more than one cat, chances are you’ll understand the problem. If you don’t, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Some cats eat the same amount of food as each other, but this is the exception.

You might be thinking that you can just keep your cats separate while they eat. And you can…

But what a pain! This method only works if you’ve got lots of time on your hands and both cats eat quickly!

Microchip cat feeders allow you to ensure that each cat only has access to their own food. You portion out each cat’s food separately, then place it into the feeder. The feeder only opens for the cat who “owns” that feeder (you set this up first) and then closes when they walk away.

This way, even if one cat tries to bully them away from the food, the feeder closes before they have a chance to steal any food.

Microchip cat feeders are ideal for almost anyone with multiple cats. They are particularly well suited if you’ve got a cat (or cats) who need to lose weight. They’re pretty much necessary for cats who need prescription foods.

If you’ve got a dog who likes to eat cat food, then a microchip cat feeder is exactly what you need!

To get the right microchip feeder for your cat you need to consider the quality of the product and the suitability for your circumstances. Some feeders open for any cat (and aren’t much use at all!). Some feeders require your cat to wear a special collar. Others, like the Surefeed microchip feeder work off your cat’s microchip or a special collar tag if you prefer.

Introducing The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder is designed to make feeding multiple pets simple. It is made to ensure that pets have exclusive access to their food and stop greedy pets stealing it! It allows you to feed prescription food or lifestage food to the right pet.

This is a fantastic product to help all of your pets live a healthier lifestyle through eating a healthy diet.

I personally have found that this product has helped me to control my cats’ diets and get them to lose weight. There is no more fighting at mealtimes and no stress for me worrying about who is eating what.

If you’ve got multiple pets, then this product is for you. Even if you only have one cat, if other cats sometimes come into the house, this will prevent food theft. However, if you only have one indoor cat, there are far cheaper alternatives!


  • High quality
  • Ensures the right pet eats the right food
  • Compatible with all microchips and comes with a collar tag as an alternative
  • Dishwasher safe bowl
  • Has a built-in “training programme” for your cats to get used to it


  • Needs batteries replacing every 6 months
  • Not the cheapest option
  • Can take a little while for cats to get used to it

Features & Benefits

How it works

This feeder uses a simple system to keep each pet’s food exclusive to them. Once you place food into the feeder and press the “set” button, the lid closes over the food. 

The lid is clear to allow your pet to see at a glance that there is food there. As your pet approaches the feeder, the feeder reads their microchip of RFID collar tag. If they are registered to that feeder the lid opens allowing them to eat. When they walk away, the lid closes.

If another pet approaches the feeder and isn’t registered, the lid doesn’t open. Simple!

Here’s a video to demonstrate how the initial set-up goes:

Training programme

You may be wondering how you can get your pet used to the feeder. Initially it can seem daunting to get used to a new bowl with a cover.

Thankfully, the SureFeed feeder comes equipped with a training programme. Everything is introduced gradually, and the lid movement is also introduced gradually to prevent any scares. Everything is built into the feeder, so you can just press a button to progress. You can do everything at your pet’s own pace.

Even the most cautious of cats can get used to using this feeder! My cat Lily, is a total wimp. She’s scared of her own shadow. But even she got used to the feeder quickly with its gradual training.

Have a look at this demonstration:

Securely sealed bowl

The SureFeed feeder has a secure seal. When the lid is closed, it stays closed! This is great to prevent rough cats from breaking into the feeder and stealing food. There is no way any other pet can break into the feeder with it closed.

The seal also stops flies or other critters getting into the food and helping themselves. Wet food won’t dry out either, which should please fussy cats!

3 year warranty

The SureFeed feeder is built to last. It is a quality product with long lifespan. 

SureFeed is so confident in this product that it has a 3 year warranty. You can be confident that if you buy this product it will last.

I’ve owned this product for about 5 years and it shows no sign of ageing. Everything works just as well as the day I bought it.

Microchip of RFID collar tag compatible

This feeder is compatible with every kind of microchip in common use. This means that if your pet is microchipped, this feeder will work for them.

Using a microchip feeder means that your pet doesn’t have to wear a collar to use it. This is great for cats who don’t keep collars on well. The advantages of microchips is that they can’t fall off and don’t ever need replacing!

That said, if you don’t have your cat microchipped (you really should, but that’s a different issue) you can use the collar tag that comes with the product. This works in just the same way, but sits on the collar. The collar tag isn’t the prettiest thing, but it’s smaller than the tag some other feeders use.

Low battery warning

A handy, but easily overlooked feature of this feeder is an obvious low battery warning. When the battery level gets low there is a red LED which flashes. It doesn’t stand out or look weird, but you won’t miss it.

I’ve found that the batteries last a while longer after the LED lights up. You can hear a change in the noise the feeder makes when it gets low on battery, so I usually wait for that!

Large bowl capacity

This feeder has a capacity of 400ml. This is enough for a couple of days worth of kibble, or two pouches of wet food. This means that you won’t need to top it up regularly.

I feed my cat once a day and she grazes as she likes. If I’m going away overnight I just add double the amount of kibble and she does fine!

My personal experience with the SureFeed Microchip Feeder

I honestly cannot recommend this product highly enough. It’s absolutely bombproof and does the job without any issues.

Lily is eating from her bowl right this moment as I’m typing this!

Lily using SureFeed

It took a little while to get my cat used to the feeder, but the built-in training programme did its job. The lid moves gradually more and more so each step is manageable.

I’ve found that I no longer have any problems with fighting at mealtimes. I’ve managed to get my fat cat to lose weight, and my skinny cat to gain weight.

I’m lucky to have healthy cats, but if one ever needs to go on a special diet I know this won’t be a problem. It’s so easy to get each cat to eat the right amount of the right food now.

I’ve recommended this product to clients ever since I got mine and I’ve never heard a bad word about it. Customers online are similarly impressed.

The only downside is needing to replace the batteries about 2x per year. It’s not too much of a hassle, but it does add a small ongoing cost.


SureFeed Connect

SureFeed also makes a more advanced model of feeder. The SureFeed Connect takes all the features of the regular bowl and adds some extra tech.

The SureFeed Connect has integrated scales, and monitors how much your pet eats, and when they eat it. If you’ve got a pet whose eating you particularly want to keep an eye on this is a good upgrade to the regular SureFeed feeder.

Most people won’t need the upgrade, but it’s a great product. Check out this overview:

Our Pets WonderBowl Selective Pet feeder

The Our Pets WonderBowl is an inexpensive alternative to the SureFlap microchip feeder. On a basic level, it works in much the same way. It is however missing some key features which make it a poorer product.

This feeder is not microchip enabled, so your cat will need to wear the tag that comes with the feeder. The tag also requires batteries which need changing frequently. A lot of customers report that the batteries ran out and left their cat unable to get their food.

It doesn’t have a training mode like the SureFeeder either, so nervous cats won’t take to it as well.

If you’re on a really tight budget, this might suit. Overall I’d say you’d be much better off saving up and buying the SureFeed. You’ll end up getting rid of this and replacing it anyway!

Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Pet Feeder

Like the rest of the products on this list, the Wireless Whiskers Autodiet works in a similar way. Unlike the SureFeed it is not microchip enabled. It is also lacking the training mode.

Costing significantly more than the SureFeed Microchip feeder we would advise avoiding this product.


The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder, and its big brother, the SureFeed Connect are fantastic products. They do the job without any fuss and they last forever.

The design is perfect for cats who might be naturally scared of it.

These products just work. No other manufacturer has made anything that can compete. I cannot recommend them highly enough, I wouldn’t be without mine!

Check the price now!

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